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northern rockies ecosystem protection act hr 980

What are some people opinion of the northern rockies ecosytem protecton act?

Personally i think it is a very bad bill. I have nothing against wilderness, i used it quite often. But it seems like the places in this bill, do not fit wilderness chararcteristics.

One of the places in the bill is about 10 miles from my house. The skitwitch area has lots of roads, clearcuts , atv trails and groomed snowmobile trails with a warming hut in the area. I don't see how this type of area can be wilderness? And it seems like most of the areas are this way.

I undrestand the concept but this is a bad bill.


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northern rockies ecosystem protection act hr 980

It is a very bad bill, AND not sponsored by congressmen in the effected areas. very much supported by the liberal, granola crunching, green subaru driving group.

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northern rockies ecosystem protection act hr 980

Right, it's not about wilderness, it's about controlling mining, hunting, timber harvest and recreation. There's a reason it's only sponsored by coastal states.

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