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Northern Pike / Walleye question (Black bear hunt in SASK)

Alright, bear hunters - don't flame me for a quick fishing question . . . Shame on You! We're just 47 days from our 7-day black bear hunt in Saskatchewan. Our base camp is near Lake Marean, so my question is, with the likelihood of some time to kill a couple of mornings, what fishing advice might you veterans offer for northern pike and walleye? Trip is May 11-17. Lures? Fishing method that have worked for you? (Now, as for me, I will care zippo about fishing until I get my first blackie's nose in the dirt. Evil! )

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Northern Pike / Walleye question (Black bear hunt in SASK)

Based on several spring bear hunts and a fly-in moose hunt last fall, the fishing tackle that I take on hunts includes: two pack rods (spinning) and/or one casting pack rod with appropriate reels and line. My lures were in small plastic boxes , which were in a soft tackle bag from Cabelas. Lures which performed best on Walleye and Pike last fall were Wiliams Wabler spoons and Blue/Silver Red Eye Wigglers. WalMart sells a multi pack of the Williams Wablers in various colors. I also took jigs and Gulp plastics and Erie Dearie spinners and Gulp plastic minnows and worms; and various plugs. We mostly fished with the spoons because they were so effective. I would highly reccomend that you take a portable fish finder along too. We did not take a landing net along and lost some fish because of that. Be sure to take steel leaders or you will lose your lures to the Pikes' teeth.
Most bear hunting operations will give you mornings to fish, I you so desire and if you fill your tag early, you are set to take advantage of the fishing.

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Northern Pike / Walleye question (Black bear hunt in SASK)

I suspect the water is stained there given that there's both pickerel and pike in the same lake. For pike I'd take gold colored spoons (Williams wabler) for the dark water and throw in a few silver as well just in case the water is clear.

For pickerel, I'd take some assorted weights of jigs, chartreuse, pink, pearl and some Vibra tails in case theres no live minnows available. I'd also bring some Rapalas, (Husky Jerks) in various colors for flat lining.
Thats it! You don't need anything else.

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