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northern New york deer hunting

i was just wondering how the hunting has been this year aroun jefferson, er lewis county area, i live in jefferson and the deer have seemed to stop moving.

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maybe u have coyotes on ur property

I had that same problem on my land for 2 yrs i went up to hunt and nothing i would go up for the entire hunting season and I wouldnt see one deer for those 2 hunting seasons. Someone told me there maybe coyotes on the property that r scaring the deer away so I was given a coyote deterrent when i go hunting the day before i stand outside the cabin and use the deterrent for a while and i use it in the morning of the hunt and i scares the coyote away and I've gotten luck with using it and brought home deer so try one it may help u. good luck and good hunting.....i have property up in hunter mountain NY