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northern nevada cat

a freind sent me this photo. this cat was taken 4 miles from my house, now that he is dead i expect to see the deer population flourish. this cat is huge he must eat a deer a day.

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Wow! That is one huge cougar!

Wow! That is one huge cougar! From what I have read, they don't always "clean up their plate". In other words, they might kill a deer today, but not completely eat it before killing another. Just like your typical house cat that likes to play with its food, it really likes to kill, and only eat what it takes to satisfy it at the time. Then it will move on to another.

Like you said, it probably killed a deer every day, but didn't necessarily eat the whole thing. Then again, from it's size, it might have taken a whole der to fill it up!

That's a brute, and a good one to get out of the woods.

Thanks for the pictures. Thumbs up


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Great Cat!

I remember when Peavine used to be if not wilderness then at least still wild.  Now with the almost cancerous urban growth & sprawl from Reno to Verdi to Truckee and north up to and beyond the NV/CA border, this area is turning more into a playground for hiking staffs & mountain bikes.  It's nice to see there's still some wild Nevada left there.  The cats left can't hold a candle to the damage done to the deer herds because of expanding subdivisions and recent fires destruction of habitat.

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That's without question a big

That's without question a big cat and I'm sure it did take a lot of deer from your area. Hopefully the deer can take advantage of the reprieve because I bet it won't be long before another one takes his place enjoying the venison snacks in your area. I forget how many deer a year they estimate that a lion kills every year but the number is huge. Thanks for the picture.

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Wow, that's a big

Wow, that's a big kitty!!!!!

I would like to see how the hunter ended up having it mounted.  Pretty impressive!!!

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Congrats on a great lion!  Almost done with it here in Arizona.  Works starting to get in the way of my hobbies.