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Northern Minnesota baiting

Just wondering how people are doing in northern minnesota (minnesota/canada border). We have three stations going right now. One is being hit pretty regular, one not at all and the other one about an every other day thing. We plan on starting up another station this weekend.

Thought bears would be hungry this year with few berries and being so dry that they would jump at the opportunity to have a food right there, but sure doens't seem that way.

Would like some imput on how others are doing this year.

Good luck to everyone.

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Northern Minnesota baiting

We just returned from a hunting trip in Ontario on Saturday and me and a buddy both got nice bears. We had 3 cameras out on 3 different baits and we ended up getting over 100 bear pictures. Granted...these are for sure some of the same bears but they hit the baits everyday. We had a couple of the baits that had BIG bear on them...the one bait we have excellent pictures of a bear that would go 450+....easy. Another bait we had a bear that had a front pad that measured 6"+. This particular bear loved grease and oats. The bucket we put out was licked clean on Thursday morning and he ended up biting the bucket and leaving his K-9 marks punctured in the side of it....from tooth to tooth it measured 4". Our bears impressions would have been 2.5" across and ours weighed 265lbs. & 300lbs. This bear that left his mark was a huge bear!! He had scratch marks on the tree we hung the camera in that would go 7.5'+ on the tree. He was hitting strictly at night. Maybe next year...Good luck up there this year!!! Thumbs up

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