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Northern Colorado Shiras Moose Hunt

Hi Guys, Just got back from a successful self guided Moose hunt in North Central Colorado. What a great time! Scored a fine specimen of a Shiras Moose, scored mid 160's, making the record book. The best part is, I shared it with my 2 son's Jesse and Benjamin. Lot's of pictures, lot's of stories. as always, had my trusty Ruger M77 RSI 30-06. Aspens were in full color, weather was too far beyond beautiful to pack out a moose 1 1/4 miles. Contact me if interested.

My wife humbled me this morning and rightfully so, one important message I neglected to include is that this hunt was covered in a lot of prayer. Through faith our Father God gives us the desires of our heart because we are his children. If that offends somebody, so be it. Too many events occurred on the trip that were not coincidence or mere timing. He had a moose picked out for me before I even left on this trip. I gotta tell you though. I am a good shooter...........

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Wow, that one heck of a

Wow, that one heck of a shiras moose. congrats on the kill.

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Wow, nice bull.  I can't wait until it's my turn.  I probably have a few more years on the point treadmill, but hopefully in the next 4-5 years we'll get a crack at a moose.  And nothing better than getting to share the hunt and make the memories with your 2 boys.


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Thanks for the nice words. It

Thanks for the nice words. It took me 14 preference points, but know some guys who drew with a lot less. Some time when you least expect it, you'll look at the draw results and there your name will be. It took me almost a full afternoon to believe the results. I had to keep logging back in to verify that I hadn't misinterpretted something.

That's a couple of fine looking boys you have there. Looks like you already have them headed in the right direction. Raise them up on the right path and they will not stray (too far anyway).

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Well, I bet you could have

Well, I bet you could have shot a dinky one, and still been happy since you were with your boys.  I bet that was extra special!  The big Shiras Moose bull is just icing on the cake.  A big congrats!!!!  That's one heck of an animal.  I personally can't wait until my oldest son gets a little older, and I will be able to take him out.

I have not yet got to hunt for moose, but I will one of these days.  I have options in Vermont and Maine, I just need to start applying for permits.  Maybe I need to get moving. Wink

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My biggest concern was how I was going to get an animal the size of a moose out of the woods. I'm 55 now and was prepared to just build a fire and eat him there, but the 3 of us did alright. It was hard work, but rewarding. Get that license now while you're young. I still have a crick or two in my back.

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Very nice

It's good to hear about someone else with 14PP that finally drew. I have 14 now and still waiting seems like all you hear is I drew with 5 and I drew with 7. Very nice moose and a great hunt with your boys. Area 161?

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Just a little bit of info on

Just a little bit of info on the points for the draw on moose here in Colorado. 

You have to have 3 preference points to even get into the draw.  Then each year that you do not draw you receive a bonus point.  So at the time of the draw if you have 3 preference points and 0 bonus points you are at the bottom of the totem pole but you do have a chance to draw even if somebody else has 3 preference points and 10 bonus points.  It is just that the hunter that has the 10 bonus points has a better chance to draw than you do with only 0 bonus points.  That is why you hear of hunters drawing after only putting in for 5 or so years while you have been putting in for 10 or more. 



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License draw

It'll happen when you least expect it. THen 3 months of agony waiting for the big day. Scout, Scout, Scout. Talk to as many people as you can, then pack for the unexpected. Oh, and did I say scout?

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  That is an OUTSTANDING


That is an OUTSTANDING Moose!     Applause   And you did it on a self-guided hunt - great job!  Nothing better than sharing this memory with your two boys.  Priceless.

I have a ways to go as I just started my preference point build up... but someday it will happen!  And I too plan on doing it the self-guided way.  Thanks for sharing the pics and look forward to reading the story of your hunt!


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Lucky Draw

It may happen sooner than you expect. I have friends that have drawn with 8 weighted points and hear of people drawing with less. On the other hand, I talk to people who have over 20 weighted points and still have not drawn. I looked at it this way; I either will or I won't, no other options. Also look at the DOW stats and see which area they give out the most tags. This was taken in GMU6 where there are 10 bull tags available in any combination of seasons. Some areas are a few as 1. 

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