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North Kaibab Burn

Anybody been up scouting after the North Rim burn? My normal camp was actually about 500 away from the burn line (on the wrong side), minimal undergrowth buring was all we suffered and have seen lots of deer already moving back into area. Camp is near FR 212/480 crossroads. Interested to know what folks are seeing in other affected areas and what you think the impact on the archery hunt will be. Will there be less hunters overall? More hunters concentrated in particular ares? What are your thoughts....

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North Kaibab Burn

Dreamer, I hunted North Kaibab last year for the first time. We hunted South of the burn. What a devistating sight. I'm from Tx. and had 4 shots @ 4 different deer but didn't take any because they were all to small for me. There were lots of deer and lots of hunters. My buddy took a nice 4x4 his first Mulie. I couldn't believe all the road hunters and lack of Game Warden presence. Everybody seemed to flock around roads and water holes, or lack of them. I'm going back to New Mexico this year. Better deer and less hunters.....Good luck..Unc'l Joe

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North Kaibab Burn

I know what you mean about the road hunters and water holes. I have found that if you go up for the last 4 or 5 days of the archery hunt most of the CA boys are gone and you can get lots of looks at larger deer. You will likely see them while it is just light enough that you need to strain to see what kind of rack they have. The burn is throughout the middle of the plateau. It does make for some beautiful black polished antlers. Just hunt further south and west. This hunt, like many other archery deer hunts is going to draw next year anyway. Too many hunters. What's new? I was over in Unit 1 on opening weekend and there was not even a place to camp by Friday afternoon. No worry about a burn there this year, just mosquitoes.