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North Idaho archery Elk help

The last time I asked for advise on here regarding bear hunting and was told to try calling over bait. Paid off last week for day 1 of bear season with a beautiful first archery bear!!!
I have been out a couple of times for Archery Elk.Could use any helpful advise again. Is it better to hunt early morning or closer to evenning? I am hunting from the ground, should I call and stalk or let them come to me or just sit and hope they come by. What about scent control, are they as weary as a whitetail?
I have a great area that is loaded with tons of sign...tons of tracks, droppings, tree rubs to about 8 feet up the tree and 3 wallows. But I have not heard a bugle or a cow yet. I bugled today and all I got back was a coyote answering back. I am hunting Bonner County. Has anyone heard any bugles yet?
Season is over in a week for archery, should it be better by then?
Thank you all for your input and advise.

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North Idaho archery Elk help

I have been hunting latah county for two weeks straight and just this weekend started hearing bulls bugling. This weekend should be awesome for hunting.
I just try and get them to answer a cow call or bugle to locate them and then move in. Once I feel I am close I will try and cow call them into shooting distance. It is a lot easier to do with 2 guys. I shot mine this weekend. I had my partner sit behind me 30 yards and he called it right to me. It can be done by yourself just a lot harder cause when they come into that call they will be looking at you all the time. As far as scent control I don't worry about that to much. You need to pay more attention to the wind then anything. Wind is very important!

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