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North Dakota/Badlands Mule deer

I would like to go to the Little Missourri national grassland's bowhunting deer this fall and was looking for anyone who has done it before. I have sharp-tailed grouse hunted before many times close to there but don't really know anything about the deer there. I usually do most of my Mule deer bowhunting above the timberline in Colorado. I just want to try somthing different.

I just want some general info...I am not looking for anyone's honey hole or a specific drainage or creek where they have seen lots of deer or anything like that. Just wondering if some areas are better than others, if backcountry camping is allowed, numbers of deer to expect to see, etc. etc. I know that most of the country out there is wide open and that spot and stalk will be tough but just wondering if anyone has any pointers.

Again I am not trying to weasel in anybodys spot or get detailed info just wanted to get pointed in the right direction.


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North Dakota/Badlands Mule deer

I haven't hunted ND/Badlands before but wanted to Welcome you to BGH! So Welcome! Big smile

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North Dakota/Badlands Mule deer

I believe all of the ND mule deer tags are gone for this year.

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North Dakota/Badlands Mule deer

There are lots of public areas to hunt in western ND. There are some nice mulies out there also. I think a non resident may have draw a bow tag just as they would a rifle tag. You can go on the ND Game and Fish dept. web site and they will answer your questions. The grasslands are open public hunting and camping but there are some restrictions about the use of trails. If you get back where the road hunters dont roam you can find some dandy bucks.