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North Dakota Whitetail, Mule Deer or Antelope

Hunting with 2 River Outfitters, you will be within minutes of the historical
Fort Union and Fort Buford near the confluence of the Missouri & Yellowstone
Rivers. Bow hunting for whitetail will be in the heavy timbered river bottoms.
Whitetail in this area feed on sugar beets, alfalfa, corn and wheat. Morning
hunts will be setting in stands along the trails that lead from bedding areas
to the fields. The deer will be leaving fields heading for water and bedding
areas. Evening hunts will be just the opposite; deer will be leaving bedding
areas for the evening feeding in the fields. Some of the hunts we will need to
boat up or down the rivers to get to the backsides of the properties,
depending on the wind direction.

Mule Deer and Antelope hunting will be done in the hills above the river
bottoms. Most of this hunting will be spot & stalk. We can also hunt Mule deer
similar to Whitetail, by setting on the trails that lead to feeding areas.
Antelope hunting is best during the rut is September and 1st week of October
with the aid of a decoy. Bow hunting this area you can expect to see many
bucks in the 100 to 140 PY range with plenty of bucks 150 inches plus.
Antelope range 11 to 14 inches and Mule deer range 20 to 28 inches outside

Our services include lodging, meals, guide services, game retrieval, trophy
care and transportation to and from airports at either Sidney, Montana or
Williston, North Dakota.
We furnish stands with safety harnesses or ground blinds as well as 3-D
targets for practice.

Non-resident archery Licenses:
Deer licenses ………. $215.00
Antelope licenses………. $215.00

Available Dates:
Sept. 11-15 3 spots, 18-22 2 spots, 25-29 3spots, Oct. 30-Nov.3 2 spots,
Nov.20-24 3 spots and all of Dec. is open.

Archery: 5 day $2500.00 normally reduced to $2000.00 per hunter.
Attached is a recent photo.

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