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North Central Florida Hog Hunt

I just started hunting hogs last fall and I love it. I've only been 3 times, but I've scored each time, seeing more hogs each hunt. This last weekend, I was hoping for a late season buck, but all I saw were does, and turkeys; anyway I spotted a 250 pounder plus sow at approximately 1/4 mile away on a dirt road. I watched her for 20 minutes as she slowly walked my way. I had already ranged a dead log at a 100 yds as a reference point, and I was waiting for her to pass that log before taking her. When she was still 15 yds from that point, she turned broadside to me, giving me a perfect 115 yard shot. I took her with one shot just behind and below her left ear with my 30-06. Tried draging her back to my blind, but she was too heavy, so I left her in the road and waited for my outfitter to show up to help me load her. She weighed out at 291 pounds.

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North Central Florida Hog Hunt

Welcome to BGH wheelsfish.
Congrats on the Hog
Slap on the hand for shooting down a road.

Thats one big pig @290 lbs.
Those things don't drag well thats for sure !!
Got any pics of the Sow?

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North Central Florida Hog Hunt

wheelsfish, I too just start pig hunting last year.
It's become a new passion of mine, like I need another.
I just started asking about hog hunting and had several quick offers.
Here in S.C. I was surprised how many spots held wild hogs.
We can bait and still hunt them year-round so it's like extending deer season.
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only swine chasing fool! LOL' Good luck.

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North Central Florida Hog Hunt

I also prefer killing hogs, for me wild pigs are the most easiest to hunt, also I'm afraid to kill big mean bears, so I prefer smaller ones Laugh

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