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Capt, are still around? Did

Capt, are still around? Did you get to do any hunting on the gamelands? I may head up to the mtns to bear hunt this fall. I was wondering if you had any luck.

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Re: North Carolina Game Lands

Nice to see another person on here from Greenville, NC! I just registered Thumbs up

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Re: North Carolina Game Lands

Welcome to BGH KristinLeigh.

Lets hear some Greenville, NC huntin stories!!

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There are several Tracks on

There are several Tracks on the Roanoke river game lands that I love hunting.  I usually take a week camping trip there and cash in my three day whitetail permit.  Deep woods and BIG deer.  Besides I love all the different wildlife I get to see.  Turkey, deer, bobcats, duck, geese, beaver, eagles etc...  Nothing beats a relaxing camping trip with three days of great hunting, campfires, and some good hunting buddies.