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Couldn't get much better of a

Couldn't get much better of a tag.


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That's a great price if they

That's a great price if they enough moose where you will be hunting. It would cost me more than that to get there and back from here. I have very few expenses in life now so other than my normal DIY hunts in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, I am able to budget about 3,000 a year for something that requires paying for. But even hog hunts or a cheap deer hunt that doesn't go very far.

I save a lot of money with extensive planning.

My under $5,000 list to do includes

Aoudad, Sitka blacktail, Columbian Blacktail, Coues deer, and a lot more hogs.

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North American Moose Foundation - update

 I received an email from Rob Anderson, the new President the North American Moose foundation as a response to this post.  He said that there has been a "regrouping" of sorts among the foundation’s officers and that some have made an attempt to split off into a separate organization.  But that the foundation is returning to full activity.   Mr. Anderson said 'We are a small organization who is trying very hard grow and succeed. Over the past several years we've had booths at the Wild Sheep show in Reno, MDF's convention in Salt Lake, the Alaska expo in Anchorage, SCI in Reno and Dallas and the RMEF's Elk Camp. 3/5 of the moose board on the WGBGLC are representatives of the NAMF. Recently I have started up a brand new website and Face-book page that you should check out.'


I plan to do so and will keep all of you on biggamehunt.net posted as I learn more.


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Thanks Mike. Yes the NAMF is still around, in fact we have a brand new website and facebook page. I'm looking for some interesting photos to post on our website so if any of you have something you'd like to share please contact me. I recently saw a picture of a moose who climbed on top of a shed roof and fell partially thru with his legs hanging below. I'm gonna try and get that posted.

We're always looking for new members and anyone who's willing help out.



Rob Anderson 

President - NAMF

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