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North American Hunting club

Anyone know anything about this thing?
I received an invitation in the mail... not quite sure what this is about. Supposedly they are the editors of the North American Hunter magazine, plus prizes, possibility for field tests, etc?
anyone a member?

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North American Hunting club

I have been a member for a long time and became a life member in 1998. I've met some great people over the years on their hunting forum. This is by far the best reason for joining. They use to give you a leather jacket, belt buckle and a few small things for becoming a life member. We Colorado members usually have a NAHC get together each year. When it comes to purchasing all of the junk that they love to send you, I use to but haven't purchased anything in over 5-6 years from them. I have field tested a few products from them, just small things like a online video game, energy drink and bars, so nothing like a hunting boots, bow or muzzleloader, backpack...etc....

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North American Hunting club

I am also a Life member and have met some great people on the club including to2 of my closest friends. If you become a lofe member you get a lifetime subscription to the club for the magazine there are a few benefits for joining they have a website and forums discussion also.