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Ok im new on here and honestly i know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about hunting. Ive been pheasant hunting before when i was about 12 (im now 23) and been wild pig hunting when i was about 16 years old. (on a guided hunt of course). Ive never really had the interest to hunt (it was more my dads interest at the time.)But in a nutt shell im very interested in pig hunting now (as ill admit i did have fun the 1 time i went). My thing is i have no idea where to even start. the type i am interested in is Catch dog & Knife hunting style that i have been watching on Youtube.com

I am a long time (15 or so years) Fancier of the APBT (Not to be confused with AmBullies, But real bulldogs!) and this is an activity i would like to use as an outlet for theyre athletic drive and ability (can't say that i dont look forward to the bacon also lol).
But as ive been told and seen on the videos the APBT cannot deliver on all the required fields as a "hog dog" but work great as catch dogs.
i was told i need a "Bay Dog"? now the only breed i am familiar with is the APBT because i was raised handling them my whole life. I already have the catchdogs ill be using in mind, as the litter hasnt even been concieved yet. so im squared away on that end.
But i would like to set one of my buddy's (whos also interested in future pig hunting) with this "Bay Dog". My problem is i have no clue what working breed works best for this job. now im sure ill be dissapointed with the answers im going to recieve for this, but ive recently fell in love with the "Bloodhound" & the "Blue Tick Hound". Im not sure if they can deliver in this area but thats why i am on here, to find out. if the hounds wont be able to do the job 100% then what breed works best in this department?

Another one of my concerns is LOCATION. Now, i dont expect everybody to start lining up to give away all theyre hunting spots (which is understandable) but i was wondering what Areas carried Feral Pigs in The Northern California Facinity and just hoping that somebody can point me in the right direction. i dont think that a private land owner will be to anxious to let me storm around his wooded land with 3 or 4 guys and 3 or 4 dogs (but if you know any, hey im open to all suggestions). so does anybody know of any public land that carries feral pigs thats Local to the Sacramento CA. area?
Any help or Suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your time and concern.[/b]

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You'll hear 3 or 4 breeds that most people will tell you are the best for this. Most often, you'll hear Catahoula (origianlly bred for herding but are great hog dogs), Black Mouth Cur (bred to hunt big game) and last my personal favorite, the Plott Hound. If you are excited about the hounds, this is the one to get. They're best known for hunting bear, cougar and pig. They're tough as nails, have a great nose, and can bay with the best of 'em.

In selecting a dog, I would think more about the breed's roots and what dog is going to WANT to do the job. I just don't think that a blood hound would be into the pig hunt. Maybe a Bluetick as they are a more gritty from what I hear (I've never had one but love the breed too), but I would be worried that their build would make them prone to getting torn up by the quick pigs who want to break a line or get out of a corner. Plott's, Catahoulas and BMCs are all quick and tough dogs and would be happier and safer to hunt the pigs with you than a blood or Bluetick coonhound. That's my opinion.

My Plott is almost 1 year old now and I need to take new pics, but here are a couple of her when she was a few months younger. She's just under 50 lbs now.

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