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QC Hunting Regs

Unfortunately QC regs remain a mystery. Add in a few poorly translated phrases and it gets worse.

"Licences" and "tags" may not be the same thing. You may need a licence to buy a tag or vice versa. I don't know specifically for QC but many (ON, SK and NS) provinces work that way.

The "ZEC"s are independently managed areas, and you have to purchase/pay access fees OVER AND ABOVE your regular hunting licence. To further complicate the issue there are things called "Pouvoiries"  - more or less the same thing on a much smaller scale (a ZECs can cover several hundred square miles, a pouvoirie might be a few dozen). Pouvoiries are managed by the owner operator. In theory, they are supposed to enforce the provincial fishing/hunting regs at a minimum. I have some experience fishing with them: most are more strict (to their credit) in the view of protecting their fishery; going to a pouvoirie means you'll pay more money, be more restricted in how and how many fish you can bring home; but almost certainly catch way more fish. 

I have looked into hunting in the ZECs and pouvoiries (I'm just across the river from ZEC Pontiac) and often see, especially with moose ("orignal" en francais), that X number of tags required for a moose permit. To me that seems to imply some sort of party-hunting system, as I'll be shocked if a single hunter, particularly a non-res hunter, can buy multiple tags over the counter.

If you're considering QC, I strongly recommend an outfitter. There is fantastic opportunity, but going it alone with the reg issue is treading a minefield. You might want to consider posting this in the moose hunting forum. I happen to know that there is a Quebequois hunter hanging around there just dying to practice his english in every day conversation...

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Thanks Saskie

Thanks Saskie.  A guided hunt is out of my budget but an outfitter selling hunting rights might just work.  I've been posting with Steve and maybe between the two of us we can figure something out.

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