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Non-Resident Hunting/Leases-Illinois

I began to write below my thought on hunting leases and non-resident hunters, but I got tired of trying to be political while writing it. So I have left what I had already typed before I gave up and wrote this. what I was trying to say is that if things keep going the way they are now, there may be 85,000 deer killed in illinois but none from an Illinois resident, and the processors would be out of business becuase they didn't want the meat just the trophy

I've experienced out-of-state hunters/hunting leases for several years now. When the first lease in the area came about, my first thoughts were that this was bull****, but not much more than that, because I was fortunaute enough to own 140+ acres to hunt on. Although this lease took approximately 800 acres away from locals that had hunted this ground all of there lives. Granted they did not own it but non-the-less they were no longer able to hunt and had to seek out permission to hunt new areas.

In the following years, more ground in the area was leased up, bringing more out of staters and pushing the locals into seeking new locations that are becoming fewer and fewer with more people hunting.

Thus, as there once was a time when in any particular woods you knew who hunted there year to year and didn't bother seeking permission to hunt there. This is no longer the case. Locals are being pushed from the age-old hunting grounds forced to find new ones in ever decreasing acres. Which in-turn, turns into problems.

Many of the people, including myself have had incidences where the out-of-staters have "thought or were told" that a particular piece of property was part of the lease that was not........more later

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Non-Resident Hunting/Leases-Illinois

I'm one of those non-residents that enjoys hunting in Illinois but i understand were you're coming from. I live next door & Indiana is doing the same thing. Land i used to hunt isn't available to me any longer so now i have to lease my hunting ground. You have to put yourself in the landowners shoes, why wouldn't they lease their land to hunters to help pay their taxes, payments or whatever? It's become a business transaction. If i owned a lot of land & didn't hunt i would be doing the same thing! It's unfortunate that prime hunting land one day will be for the wealthy or imediate family only. The rest will be forced to hunt public land or give it up. The population of hunters seems to be dwindling already & unfortunately this won't help. Honestly i don't see it ever going back to the way it was years ago, knock on someones door & get permission. I can tell you i don't plan to quit hunting even if that means i have to take a part time job just to pay for my lease or hunting in your great state, i'll hang on as long as i can.

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Non-Resident Hunting/Leases-Illinois

i've seen both sides of this. The $$ some (not all) farmers make on their crop, be it pork, beef or vegetable, is getting smaller. I know farmers that lease out their fields, grow some crop for their beef, and have a small beef herd. The guy also works full time. He is in a bind becuase the work is "sub'ing" and could go away tomorrow, going from 40+ hrs/week to zero. His wife works too. It is tough to eek out a living in some years becuase of the way prices and crop production fluctuate. The farmers i know have not leased out their land for hunitng, but his neighbors are doing it. it makes financial sense, especially when he always seems to be short on Cents.

On the other hand, as a hunter, it sucks. i don't argue much, becuase i know that this is how some people stay out of foreclosure. I don't kow that anybody is getting rich off leasing their land out to hunters. It really sucks when you have been hunting that land for a while and the farmer forces the lease. Conversely, it may have been very difficult for the farmer to come to that conclusion. for a proud, self-sustaining farmer to have to force a lease on a friend may be very difficult. But then again, you have to survive.

I know that MN is doing something about that. If a landowner applies for and gets a "landowners tag", he has to let someone hunt on his property, for free. i'm not sure of all the legalities, but it is a start. I'm not sure how leases work from State to state, but that might help. On the other hand, it might not. I'm sure some bright individual could figure out a way around that law too.

Dumas- Please don't lump all of us non-residents into that catagory of skirting the rules and not knowing the boundaries. not all of us are like that. Some of us do our homework ahead of time, are courteous, polite and respecful. We would take the time to help a guy out, point him the right direction, or politely correct him in certain matters. While it is frustrating, and your experiences have been bad, you could be that non-resident someday.

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