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Non hunting sports ?

How many of you guys participate in any other sports during the off season or otherwise?

As for myself other than hunting, fishing, camping and shooting I do nothing but work and save money for the above.

Even though I have lived in Colorado more than 26 years now and nearly within sight of some of the best skiing in the state I have never even tried it. My kids did a few times but had little interest and mostly do what I do.

I have friends that golf and stuff but I don't get into that either even though I did give it a try. I just hate wasting money that could be saved to go hunting somewhere.

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Well, I like to golf, play

Well, I like to golf, play softball, and some other miscellaneous stuff.


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I didn't know there was any sports other then Hunting, fishing and camping.Big smile


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I have played a few other

I have played a few other sports. I was a professional ski instructor for four years, played rugby for a few years, softball, and I try to play golf, but like hunting (not always successfully).

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With fishing not being

With fishing not being hunting it still could be as you have to hunt for the correct fly that the fish are looking for day...but  I love to fly fish from the belly boat.  I also play some golf.  But more than anything I play alot of sports with my 5 year old son...what ever he wants to play thats wahte we play!!

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I shoot trap whenever I can but mostly I hunt.  There is variety enough in that between turkeys, waterfowl, deer and those dream hunts for larger game like moose and African game.  Someday I'd liek to take a big bear.  I guess if I wanted variety I'd just move over into pig or antelope hunting! lol  Someday I might try archery hunting again or even crossbow.  I do a few reenactments - that's almost a sport!  I could play dress up liek reenactments and compete if I ever got ambitious enough to get into cowboy action shooting.  Maybe I will someday!

But for now, other than that I help the kiddos by coaching little league and cheering on the side lines for soccer etc. but don't get out on the field after thw balls myself these days.

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Since there is almost always

Since there is almost always something in season here,I guess I'm hunting most of the time, might have a fishing rod, camping gear or a berry bucket ,but always a firearm or two. Spring bear is great eating ,and a berry bear from the mts in late summer ain't bad.More and more parts of the state have open season on brown bears now, just a lot of them and not enough people want to harvest the smaller interior grizz , and most of the state has no closed season on snowshoe hares. Though I don't take them from mid March till late Aug or Sept.So I guess everthing else is just another way to be out hunting or scouting for hunting.