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Noise Arrestor for hunting

I used to laugh at those commercials advertising the "Cough Suppresor", but have since found myself having that irresistable urge to cough, while up the tree. I would have purchased one on several occaisions, had a salesman come through the woods selling them at the time. I'm sure that the inventor of this product is smiling by now. Now I'm thinking that somebody needs to invent a Fart Stopper, or Fart Suppresor. Consequently, some TV Jerk like Billy Mays can demonstrate their usability while in the field. I can see it now............................HI!!!! BILLY MAYS HERE, WITH THE NEW FART STOPPER FOR ALL OF YOU SPORTSMEN OUT THERE. The mental image of this commercial is enough to crack me up. BUT WAIT!!! Order now, and we'll include one for your wife!!! Free! That one would be called something like the "Poot-Away", since women claim that they "poot" and don't FART. Of course, I'd have to argue that point with most anybody. I've known some females that could "move the curtains" from across the room. And you could count the seconds before the thunder, to see how long it was going to take to get to your nose. Anyway, yes, I am "full of it" tonight. Opening Day General Firearms for Va. tomorrow. Good Luck.......

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