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No Scientific Basis for Ban on Traditional Ammo

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No Scientific Basis for Ban on Traditional Ammo

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No Scientific Basis for Ban on Traditional Ammo

Makes sense this would come out of California because things are not required to make sense there.

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No Scientific Basis for Ban on Traditional Ammo

It's important to know that every living cell in any living thing will contain a certain amount of lead. Lead is a natural element that exists in the soil, water, plants, and to some degree in the air. That's just nature. Has nothing to do with man made pollutants. The fact that an animal or a person is found to have a certain level of lead should be nothing to be alarmed about unless it's above the safe levels.

I've always found it amusing that we all have to use non-toxic shot when waterfowl hunting, but I can hunt upland game or even biggame at the same waters edge and use lead shot or lead bullets. Environmentalists efforts have little to do with protection of wildlife and nature and more to do with the destruction of industries or sports. I think their efforts have caused equal amounts of damage as good in this country.

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Lead poisoning of Condors

Hunters collect their big game animals & do not leave them for the condors to eat.

Most gut piles do not contain lead projectiles, as those are lodged in the shoulder or have passed "through & through."

Small game killed by large caliber ammunition is nowhere to be found - and neither is the lead projectile... even a .22 passes through a rabbit or ground squirrel.

So where is the lead coming from???? How about the environment or the condor's drinking water??? Is the meat the condor eats tainted from external sources?? Problem is, no one knows.

Except that the Fish & Game Department Biologists just released a report stating "...that elevated levels of lead in condors is not from lead projectiles!"

Why is it that the Calif. Fish & Game Commission (not to be confused with the working folks enforcing the F&G laws out in the field) proposes these ridiculous regulations, when the proposed regulations are not even backed by it's own Fish & Game Department?

Simple Answer:
Because it is all political!
The Fish & Game Commission is a committee of political appointees that makes our hunting regulations... if the Democrats appoint more commissioners than the Republicans, then we end up with a bunch of anti-hunting, anti-gun regulations.

Non-lead ammunition... it is just another way for the anti-gun/anti-hunting Democrats to make hunting more expensive, difficult, and restrictive!

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