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No Hunting on Sundays?

I think it had a lot to do with the tree huggers

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No Hunting on Sundays?

I had no idea any state had laws against hunting on sunday. I've never been to any of the northern states though. I'm at church every sunday and hunting doesn't get in the way of that but i would be upset if i couldn't go out on sunday afternoon and get a few hours of hunting in.

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No Hunting on Sundays?

Hey Folks,

Up here in Ontario, they do not allow hunting on the holy day either, with the exception of bow hunting. The reason for the ban is that it gives non hunters and I guess hunters the chance to go out and enjoy the outdoors with there kids or pets and not worry about bullets flying all over.

Happy Hunting!

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No Hunting on Sundays?

I think both Doug and Bronx are on the right track. It started as a carry-over and now is usually for game management (1 day a week they can feed and water without getting shot). Plus it gives others the chance to be in the woods safely.

No Sunday hunting in Sask or NS

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No Hunting on Sundays?

I understand what you are saying Bronx and Saskie. With long hunting seasons (which is what I think you have in Ontario/NS/Sask) it might make sense to have one day a week off.

However in Colorado the hunting rifle season is usually just 7 days. Hunters are spilt into several seasons, but they only get to hunt one of the seasons.

With only 7 days, it would hurt to lose a Sunday for whatever reason.

This definitely seems to be a regional issue.

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No Hunting on Sundays?

We got into this discussion on another forum.

There are alot of states who have this law.

Someone has to decide why this law was made up........

Is it because of Sunday being the sabbath and you are not supposed to work......if that's the reason, does every business in that state close its doors on Saturday and reopen on Monday?

I don't think so.
There are people who work and business' who aare open on Sunday.......so why can't you hunt if you choose to?

Someone said that the animals need a rest from hunters.......

Other say hikers and campers need a day to theirselves without haveing to worry about bullets flying....

Well, if you can't hunt on Sundays......you shouldn't be able to go hiking, biking or whatever else people do that don't know how to hunt do.

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No Hunting on Sundays?

I'm sure the Sunday business at least started out as a blue law. I don't hunt on Sunday for religious reasons, but I don't expect my view of the matter should be forced on others who don't share my faith. Seems to me that banning hunting on Sunday is perilously close to government establishment of religion. If this affected a more liberal activity, I think the ACLU would've rolled in on it long ago.

If it were a matter of giving the animals a day off from getting shot, I think Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday would be a better bet because there's less pressure during the week anyway. Besides, a day off during the week would impact most hunters less. Instead, they chose one of the two best days for most people to hunt. This makes me think the "day off from pressure" argument was created by people to avoid legal challenges associated with basing the policy on religion.

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No Hunting on Sundays?

It is a blue law carry over, there are lots of them, however most of my problem with limiting sunday hunting has been why single out the hunter?

years ago, probably back before many of those here were born, stores in most staes were not allowed to open on sundays either, then some states went to Noon for stores to open, then most did away with limitations on sunday hours.

But all along, through all those years, bowling alleys and golf courses were always open on sunday, all day.

and you could fish all day too, if you weren't of a religious bent.

so my problem was never with making sunday a family day or a religious day, it was why can Joe and Pete go bowling and golfing and I can't hunt squirrels?

I was glad to see NY do away with it and other states too, like seatbelts, I prefer to govern my own life thanks anyway Big Brother.

just my two cents while I can still say it in the 'land of the free'.

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No Hunting on Sundays?

I saw one of the posts from Ontario that says there is no hunting on Sundays except bows. I live in Ontario and here in Renfrew County we do have Sunday hunting, although I know many parts of Ontario don't have it.

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No Hunting on Sundays?

Hell, we can't even get Sunday shopping so Sunday hunting may be a ways off as well!! sad

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