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Bummer, was hoping you'd

Bummer, was hoping you'd score again this year!

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You and me both VerMonster!

You and me both VerMonster! I just could't close the gap on the bulls and cows we saw. Maybe next year! However - this year is your year so I'm looking forward to the story of the hunt and pics that follow from your hunt!

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Too bad about the crappy end

Too bad about the crappy end to your hunting trip.  At least you had a good time even without bringing home any meat.  Good luck on the rest of your hunts for this year--hope you get some meat!

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Brother,   That is really


  That is really disheartening.  It is what can give we hunters a bad reputation and make our lives really tough.  The best I can tell you is that while your freezer may not full, you can certainly sleep and did the right thing by trying to help with enforcement.  I was lucky to get mine in my first year this fall but the process is truly a good portion of the reward.  I am a firm believer in some form of Karma/what goes around comes around and that you will the good stuff in the end!!  SFC B

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bad rep.

I agree. These are the hunter that give us bad names. Hunters like this that don't think before they act and have no respect for the animals they take or hunt. They don't care if they wound and loose animals. You can always tell a good hunter by knowing when to shoot and when not to. I met a hunter once that took a shot at a 350 bull at 400 yard aiming at the neck. It drives me nutts. They never even tried tracking it. I ended up tracking it for a few miles until the trail went cold and I gaurantee that bull died somewhere that winter. It's such a waste. Sorry to say, some people shouldn't be allowed to hunt.

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