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No elk tag this year !!!

Well I just seen that I now have 8 elk PP's for this year......................  That just sucks !!!!!!!!!! Sick

Looks like I have another year of scouting.............................. Angry


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I agree there are some

I agree there are some gremlins in the Parks and Wildlife pages or in the draw process. You are not the only one that missed out on a tag that they thought was in the bag.

I put in for a ML tag that 80% can draw with 0 points and missed. But my brother in law put in for a unit that last year only took 9 points and he had 10 so we figured that it was a slam dunk....wrong. He now has 11 points for deer.

I did draw my first choice on elk which was another PP so next year I'll go into the draw with 17 for elk which should set me up nicely.

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I was looking forward to those trophy stories and pic's!!! Sorry Quinton!!!! My friend who hunted the Bosque with last year gets to go back this year. His brother drew 3rd season and wants me to come along. Can't wait!!! What is your backup plan???? Congrats on the Deer tag by the way!!!

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Nothing is ever in the bag,

Nothing is ever in the bag, except an OTC tag. All we can go by is what happen last year. Keep in mind those that failed last year might draw this year. They also could have cut the number of tags in the unit.

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Surely you'll still get an OTC rifle or bow tag for elk? Right?

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Quinton - Your not the only

Quinton - Your not the only one that didn't draw. At least you pulled a deer tag, I missed out on drawing anything either. I wasn't able to keep my resident status, because of continuing project in another state. Even through I pay property tax, have both vehicles reg. in Mesa County, reg. to vote in CO, have a CO drivers license, and I'm not claiming residency in any other state. I would basically have to move back by Oct. to be able to qualify as a resident in the 2014 drawing, which is not happening. You should be able to draw a rifle season tag next year if they don't increase the landowner tags, or cut tags all together. I was looking to seeing a good western slope bull from you. Preston

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With all the other tags during September, then my wife, son, niece, and nephew having 2nd season muley tags, and my oldest son and brother having 3rd season muley tags. There is not enough time left to slip in an OTC bull tag !


They did lower tag numbers, but not by much. I will have to wait and see if point creep got me also.


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Well Quinton, sounds like

Well Quinton, sounds like you'll still be busy.  Nothing wrong with helping the kids and wife.... Wink


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