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After some more review, it

After some more review, it turns out there was a problem with the posts being lost or "blanked out" in IE 9 on Vista or Windows 7.  This code was updated on BGH today and should no longer be a problem in IE 9 and we have not noticed any issues in IE 6, 7, or 8.  If you're running IE 9 and continue to not be able to view a post in preview or when saved, then please clear your browse cache to force an update of the code used on the posting page.

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trying without compatability view.

appears to work fine now.

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Cool - I am trying to reply in Internet explorer...lets see if this works!

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On IE9 it wont even let me

On IE9 it wont even let me come to this website but on chrome it does.  It doesnt matter to me that much whenever I want to post on here I just go onto chrome.

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I was running into the same issue plus also when submitting a photo and story - sometimes submitting a storey then the body of the story wouldn't preview - it just disappeared or I couldn't get a picture inserted or edit it.  To correct the regular posts to blogs I always hit the enter key at the end of my post - then depressed preview.  It works with IE9.  Then the issue with stories so I dumped IE9 and switched to Mozilla. Still have to enter after the body of post or story but all works now.