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NM Unit 45 for Elk
gameboy100 wrote:
So there are still a lot of searchers out there. Hmm... did you see any elk? deer? did it rain while you were there?

not really any more. i didn't realize until tuesday i camped 1/4 mile up the road from where he went missing. the search and rescue was officially called off on the 13th. i passed all the searchers at that spot on the 12th not knowing that was his camp site. there is no agency committing any resources to the search. i read the new mexico online magazine saying the search was expanded 10 miles. thats a lot of area. my atv clocked it at 13 1/2 miles from the Davis/Willow campground to my campsite (FR 646/393 intersection). there was a group that passed my camp on tuesday mostly using the road for signs of birds circling. told me about all the circiumstances surrounding his disappearance. the family was asking the govenor last weekend for a helicopter w/ heat sensing equipment. i saw on the news that there is a $1,000 reward on Crime Stoppers for information leading to his body. it rained every single day sometimes 2 and 3 times a day/night. i heard about snow up there mid week. awsome! i saw plenty signs near the meadows on top, bedding areas, but no bugling going on at all.

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NM Unit 45 for Elk

Thanks for the info. I dont think I'll be hunting that area due to the high traffic recently with all the searchers though. I'll most likely go to hamilton. Hopefully I'll hear some bugles and see a good bull, but I'm most concerned with putting some meat in the freezer.

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NM Unit 45 for Elk
exbiologist wrote:
Hi and welcome to BGH. Congrats on the drawing, I haven't hunted that unit, but I can take a look at it for you and tell you what I would do, but that's without any working knowledge of the area.
As you can see right now, New Mexico information is kinda hard to come by.

I know that area well enough. Pecos is a great area. TONS of water there, which is saying something for NM. Our state hosts about 60,000 elk. Biggest herd is in the Gila. PM me if you want some specifics for elk hunting in NM. It seems that there is a shortage of info, as mentioned above, for those headed to NM. I can help out if anyone needs. Have hunted most areas in the state.

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