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Had my bull hunt 2 weeks ago for muzzleloader. It was the second hunt. I hunted south of quemado by aqua fria and demetric creek and fox mountain; that whole area. I seen plenty of cows and spikes. The day before the hunt i came across 2 nice bulls. being the second hunt, I think the elk were pretty scared off. the only time i would see them was right before dark along the highway. walked my tail off in the high country and found nothing. hopefully next year i can get the first hunt.

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I hear you on the later bull hunts, they are very shy. Only saw one on my 6a hunt and didn't fill tag.Saw more bulls than deer on my deer hunt...go figure. Next year!!

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Never hunted New Mexico. Good

Never hunted New Mexico. Good luck with the bull hunt let us know how it turns out

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if you want some good low

if you want some good low down on 15 pm me or look at some of my post about this area




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