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NM Mule deer

I beat the odds this year and drew a rifle tag for Unit 4 Humphries-Rio Chama WMA in New Mexico. I have been gathering information and there seems to be a chance, with lots of work, for a nice mule deer. I was hoping to speak to someone who has either deer hunted the area or even elk hunted the deer who has some recent information on the area. Thanks...Scruffy

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NM Mule deer

Congrats on your fantastic tag, and welcome to BGH. I applied to the several of the great trophy areas in NM this year and am now empty handed. I've never hunted where you've drawn, so I'm not of much help, sorry.

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NM Mule deer


I have been applying for that tag for years with no luck, congrats! I have also spent a lot of time in the area, hiking, fishing, dreaming...haha. If you want to compare notes PM me with the areas you're hoping to hunt, I'll see if I can help you out. If nothing else I've got some pictures of some bucks that will get you excited.

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NM Mule deer

Congrates on a great draw.Spot and stalk is what I hear for that unit.I drew one nearby,Good luck and good hunting.I hope to draw it someday.