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NM 16A

NM 16A 1-10 looking for advice on a solo hunt in this unit.

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NM 16A

talk to some local outfitters .is that bow?

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What would you like to know? I can give you the general info.

Hopefully you are in decent shape as you will be walking a bunch. There are some very nice bulls in that unit. The nearest place for supply is in Reserve (nice people there). If you are willing to walk you can get away from the crouds a bit. There has been quite a bit of rain the last few weeks. The roads there can get bad in places if they are wet so have good tires and chains would not hurt to have in the truck. From the pavement to where I hunt is about 1.5 hours, but I do not drive very fast. You will see many elk, but you will have to walk to get to them. If there is anything else you want to know just email me.

Good luck