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nilgai hunt

i finally found time to go out and chase the elusive nilgai here in south texas.  my record to date is nilgai 2, hunter 0.  it was fine weather, in the mid 80's with  a threat of rain.  we have had over 6 inches of rain in the recent past so the vegetation is thick and lots of standing water, which allows the nilgai to hang out in the deep brush areas.

we hunted hard for the two days.  not a single nilgai bull wazs seen.  we did see three females, a number of great aoudad, and numerous species of deer.  at the end, the score is now nilgai 3 hunter 0.

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They're still pitching a

They're still pitching a shutout, huh Kevin?  Maybe you'll get to them in the bottom of the ninth.... Wink