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Nikon Introduces Eco-Friendly Binoculars

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Nikon Introduces Eco-Friendly Binoculars

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Nikon Introduces Eco-Friendly Binoculars

Welp there ya go. "Green" Binoculars .
Very reasonably priced though.

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Nikon Introduces Eco-Friendly Binoculars

I don't want a strap to soak up 50 percent more moisture than cotton. The last thing I want around my neck is a wet, clammy strap -- especially one that hangs onto moisture long enough to attract bacteria, mildew, and the smell that goes with each. I also want to put my binos back in the case when I'm done, without worrying about a bunch of moisture in there. In short, I want a strap made of artificial fiber that wicks moisture away quickly and dries out fast.

I'm a hunter. The only thing I want absorbing moisture is a towel.

Along the same lines, "biodegradeable" means it breaks down (as in rots) in nature. I want my bino strap to last -- and not start breaking down when exposed to heat, cold, sun, moisture, etc.

I'm all for being "eco-friendly" with some things, but I have my limits. I think one artificial strap that lasts for years is better for the environment than repeated manufacture and disposal of "eco-friendly" straps that have to be replaced periodically.

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