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Nikon Demo Spotting Scope Clearance

Nikon Demo Spotting Scope Clearance

As the year is coming to a close I am adjusting to the fact that we'll need to do a full, physical inventory after the first of the year. I don't know who of you have ever worked retail, but inventory week is the worst. In order to make it easier, the more we sell the less we have to count. With this in mind I am posting these Nikon demo spotting scopes at a super low price. You must call in to get these prices as we will only give them to the guys who inquiry from this post:

Nikon #6890 Spotter XL II 16-48x60 for $274.99

Nikon #8317 20-60x82 ProStaff Spotting Scope Outfit for $399.99

Nikon Sky & Earth 15-45x60 Spotting Scope #7351 for $179.99

Nikon 15-45x60 Team Realtree Spotting Scope #7356 for $229.99

Nikon Outfit 15-45x60 Spotting Scope with 15-45x zoom eyepiece, case, & full-size tripod #7355 $224.99

We're also offering Nikon Window Mounts with Quick Release Plate for only $29.99

Please feel free to call in with any questions.