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Nikon African series 1" scope

A Buddy of mine needed a new scope for his 1895 and found this newer model by Nikon at a good price online. He called me and asked if I might be interested in on too and since I also had a new rifle (go figure!) I said sure, make it an order of two. Well, I am impressed with this new Nikon, just as I was with the older 1.5-4.5x20 Monarch UCC I had three of already.

I ended up sighting in both of these new scopes on the new rifles, so I did get a little work in with them. Clear, precise and very useful scopes is what I've found them to be. Both rifles were sighted in at close range for hunts we were going on (50 yard range) and both rifle/scope combinations gave sub MOA performance (interpolated at 50 yds). My rifle, by the way is a Remington M750 Carbine in .35 Whelen. So the generous eye relief is appreciated on both rifles.

I must comment about the reticle found on this scope, a German #4 type. I really like this reticle for most any hunting situation, besides perhaps shots at 200 yds plus. Not that you cannot make such a shot on a big game animal, but rather that there are reticles better suited to long range shooting, no doubt. I

Here's the numbers Nikon has released reference this new 1" "African Series" model:

Technical Information:

Tube Diameter: 1"
Objective (front) Diameter: 25.4mm
Ocular (rear) Diameter: 41mm

Adjustment Click Value: 1/2 MOA
Eye Relief: 4.1-4"

Field of View at 100 Yards:

92.9' @ 1x

  • 23.1 @ 4x

    Lens Coating: Ultra ClearCoat

    Length: 10.35"
    Weight: 12.16 ounces

  • As you can see this is a nice compact scope with very good eye relief and FOV. I sometimes feel buyers looking for new scopes sometimes leave these two bits of info out when determining what scope they want, while perhaps simply choosing something with higher overall magnification, thinking that's a better choice.
  • Maybe so, maybe not. I am of the opinion that higher magnification is not always your friend and think many hunters could be better off selecting a lower power, especially for close in work and also perhaps getting a better quality scope than the same $$ gets in a higher mag model.
  •  Simply food for thought, perhaps. here's a picture of the Nikon "Africa" and the #4 reticle it has. I am figuring my new 750 Carbine in .35 Whelen to be a rifle that I think might be about as good as it gets for smoking big hogs in thick stuff, and I'm hoping to report further on that in about three weeks, after getting back from our planned hog hunt! Thumbs up

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