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Nice bull for my 14yr old

I took my son on his 1st elk hunt out of Meeker, Co high up in the Flat Tops with Paul Janke and Gary Von Schmidt of Lone Tom Outfitting. My son shot this nice 6X6 the second day of the hunt. Yes Would more could he ask for......


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Nice bull for my 14yr old

Very, very cool ! Thumbs up That one will be hard to beat anywhere. He is ruined for life Yes . Great job.

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Nice bull for my 14yr old

What a brute!!!! Congrats! Yes

Boy, what I wouldn't do to have his brother in my sights in three weeks!!

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Nice bull for my 14yr old

Thats a heck of a bull for the flat tops. Have you measured him. That is for sure the largest bull ive seen harvested in the flat tops. Did you guys see any other elk on the hunt. Looks like you got him up high. Where does lone tom outfitting enter the flat tops up by trappers lake, or marvine creek, or over by sweetwater( Wich side of the wilderness)? Congrats on a heck of a bull.

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Nice bull for my 14yr old

Good grief! that is a great bull! He is ruined for life for sure good job!

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Nice bull for my 14yr old

That's a really nice bull! a true colorado trophy, congratulations to you and your son Thumbs up

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Nice bull for my 14yr old

Great Bull! Anyone would be lucky to take a bull like that Thumbs up

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Nice bull for my 14yr old

We entered on a trail head off of 10 outside meeker. We saw several other bulls and cows but this was by far the biggest. He is at the taxidermist so we dont have a measurement yet....but the taxidermist was impresssed Thumbs up

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Nice bull for my 14yr old

Great bull now you will have quite a job looking for a place to put that masive rack. Thumbs up

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Nice bull for my 14yr old

That's the biggest Flat Tops bull I've ever seen, congrats

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Nice bull for my 14yr old

That's just sickening!!!

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