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NH: Big Game Regulation Changes

Hello fellow hunters! I would like to ask New Hampshire hunters about regulation changes for big game in the past ~10 years. First off, I am curious about this because I'm doing a project for a college course where I hope to create an interactive map showing how regulation changes have impacted big game harvest numbers in the state of New Hampshire.

I chose New Hampshire because they have very organized harvest numbers on their Fish and Game Department website. However, the data only goes back to 2001, so I'm only interested in regulation changes from 2001 to the present.

What regulation changes do New Hampshire hunters feel had a particularly large impact? It could be season changes, bag limit changes, anything you guys felt was a particularly important change. Thanks for any help!

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Hey ejk, welcome to the

Hey ejk, welcome to the site!

I am not sure how specific a response you will get here, maybe only one or 2 people who hunt there regularly.  I don't recall seeing very many people who actually live in New Hampshire though.

I will send you a PM.  While this is one of my favorite hunting sites, and BY FAR the biggest range of participants from across North America, if you want area specific for there, the participation is lacking from that neck of the woods.

The one I am sending you is primarily a New England site, and has a specific New Hampshire forum.  You should get alot of responses there, especially since everyone seems to have a gripe or complaint about their local DFG lol