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newbie antelope hunt

Im interested in an antelope hunt for my wife and I this fall but have never hunted out west, we are experienced deer/bear/wild boar/turkey hunters but know nothing about antelope. Can anyone recommend an outfitter/guide in an area where we would have a pretty good chance of seeing some animals. Is it too late to set up a hunt for this fall, can we still get tags? What are your thoughts on guns/loads ect. Any help from the group would be appreciated.


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newbie antelope hunt

go back to thre Antelope thread and scroll down to the post entitled "Good Place to Hunt Antelope" We've posted some info on hunting them. As far as outfitters go, I can't really give advise on this as I've never used one for hunting biggame. All my hunts are self guided.

Gun/caliber/loads? Here is an area that will get many differing view points. I use a .270 Win 130 grain handloads with a Speer Spitz Boat Tail bullet. For these speedgoats you can use anything of the following: .243 win, 6mm Rem, .25-06 rem, various 7mm, .270 Win, .280 rem, .308 win, .30-06 Sprngfld. Many make use of the various .30 caliber magnum loads, but I advise against this as they are completely over-kill for this game animal, no matter how far away the shot is taken. Even a .30-30 will work, though many will disagree. Where it's legal, some hunters even make use of the .22-250, but many western states prohibit the use of small caliber varmit cartridges for biggame hunting. Hope this helps.

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newbie antelope hunt

I'm sure you'll be able to get a left over tag or two once the Wy. draw is complete, Doe tags for sure. If you want to go Guided, i've hunted with Wooden Rifle Outfitters out of Casper. Lots of public land if you decide to hunt on your own, just make sure there's public access for the tag you purchase. Montana has pretty good hunting & it's a lot of fun to chase them with a bow & decoy.

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newbie antelope hunt

Several states out West still allow OTC antelope tags with a bow and Wyoming usually has some left overs but they go fast

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newbie antelope hunt


The options for an antelope hunt in the west for this fall are leftover tags, Wyoming being the best choice because they have the most leftovers, or you can hunt Texas or New Mexico with over the counter landowner tags. We have a number of great outfitters we work with for any of those options. Let me know if you want to talk more about any of them. In any case, I hope you have a great hunt with your wife!

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