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I'm looking to get into reloading for my .308. This year I had a terrible time finding my preferred ammo (which really suprised me since I prefer plain-jane Federal Classic 150gr), and when I did it was ridiculously priced (+$20/box). If I'm going to do some serious shooting I need more reliable access to reasonably priced ammo.

What set-ups do some of the more experienced reloaders use? I don't need super high performance rounds (all I really hunt is deer), just consistency and as idiot-proof as possible, preferrably a fairly well-known brand as I'll likely be getting it from somewhere like Bass Pro, or ordered from a catalog.


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RCBS sells reloading kits of various models. The kits include all but the shell holder and components for the round. They are the same units and tools they sell individually and relatively inexpensive.
I don't know about now but, most outlet stores had them available.

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you can reload that same ammo for about $7.50 a box and even cheaper plinking ammo for about $5 a box once you have a reloading kit. check on Ebay, I got my RCBS rock chucker kit for about $150 new and never used.

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What did you end up with? RCBS has been around a long time...pretty hard to beat.

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