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New Youth Regs in Colorado

What do you think of the new regs for youth and youth preference in Colorado?  I gotta say I didn't see it coming.  Think this will mess with the draw odds of early seasons?

Here's a link for more info on the changes.


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    I have no issue with

I have no issue with the extended season deal as I do not see most youth really being able to stay out of school for extended periods. I think that new rule will have a very minimal impact for the most part.


As for the the other part I do not like the term "Youth get at least 15% of the limited licenses...."! Youth getting 10-15% was OK but those words have meaning which could mean 15, 20, 25, 40% go to youth? This could take a good chunk out for other older hunters. Also now this applies to all manners of take so some very limited areas for archery or ML season can now be even harder to draw. Helping the youth get into hunting is cool but I think this has gone a bit to far.


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One problem that I have seen

One problem that I have seen with the permit system that goes to youth hunters is that the permits come from the overall permit pool.  So if the division says that they have 100 permits for a unit and that 20% of them will go to youth then that only leaves 80 tags for the older hunters that do not qualify for a youth tag.  While that may sound fine what happens when only 5 youth apply for that uint and get their 5 tags?  What happens to the other 15 tags that were alotted for the youth? 

While I haven't watched Colorado that much on the youth tags I have watched Utah.  Last year there were over 3600 youth archery deer tags left over from all the draws and they went to no one and were wasted. 

I actually believe that more needs to be done to get youth back into hunting but bending over backwards for them is the wrong thing to do in my opinion.  It also gives kids that "entitledment" feeling that is gone once they move on out of the youth tags draws. 

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Youth Permits

I agree that youth hunters are the future of hunting, and I'm OK with many programs that benefit youth hunters., especially for deer and elk hunting.  However, for the special very limited permits, like for sheep, moose, and goats, I believe that if there is to be any preference, it should be for the hunters that have applied for those tags the longest. 

A youth (teenage) hunter has 50+ years ahead of them that they can apply for one of these special tags.  Many of us that have been applying a good part of our lives for these tags without drawing one are facing an increasing shorter time that we will have to apply for these tags, let alone be physically able to do the hunt.

For example, I have been applying every year for the past 36 years for a Montana Mountain Goat tag without drawing one.  I'm now 69 years old, and every year when I apply for a Goat permit I ask myself if I can still climb to the top of the mountain range to hunt a goat, and can I get one out if I kill it.  Will I still be able to hunt a goat in 10 years?  I'm pretty sure I won't be able to in 20 years.

Do I have a selfish attitude on this?  There are plenty of thrills in hunting deer and elk for both youth and vetran hunters.  I think that some phases of hunting should be earned. 


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I'd agree that many of the

I'd agree that many of the species, especially the once in a lifetime hunts and tags should not be included in youth programs.  There are many special hunts in colorado for youth that are completely separate from the limited draw.  Colorado does not include any preference for youth in draws or reduced cost for any big game tags EXCEPT antelope, deer and elk.

Colorado (don't know about other states) also passes the undersubscribed tags back into the general public draw.  That is, if 5 youth apply for a tag with an allotment of 15 tags, then 10 tags will go back into the pool for older hunters.

I hope you're right SGM.  I use the stats every year to figure out what our best choices are.  And in reality, most of the cow and doe tags are undersubscribed currently.  So it probably won't make much impact.  Hard to tell if the cow/doe muzzle tags will see much youth interest.  Not much for archery that would qualify for youth preference in either deer or elk.

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Parents perspective

Youth hunters face different challenges than the average or veteran hunter.  Many lack confidence, experience, stamina, marksmanship skill for longer shots, have school constraints (grades), parents work/time constraints, sports constraints, and the list goes on and on.  I think that giving them extra time and opportunities to help mitigate some of these issues and develop future hunters is a good thing.  Most of the licenses are undersubscribed so little opportunity is lost for non youth hunters. 

I will spend $2699.50 over the next few weeks to apply for licenses for my wife, son, and myself.  Most of that is for the “big 3”.  Next year, I add another $833.50 to that figure for my youngest.  It’s very, very painful to float that on a credit card until I get the refund.  Any and all help to reduce the financial burden is greatly appreciated.  I actually wish they would let youth hunters apply for Sheep, Goat, and Moose preference points (the first 3 anyway) at a reduced rate. 

Im from CO and I’ll be 50 this year.  I have yet to draw any of those “big 3” licenses and at this point, im certain that if I ever do draw, it will be a once in a lifetime deal.  I would like to think that my kids may actually have a chance to hunt those animals twice in their lifetime.  If I can help them now to get there, it’s not so much an entitlement as it’s a parents hope for them to have more than I had.  Maybe im being selfish though. 


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Youth Regs.

You guys need to re-read the new laws.  The 15% is for antlerless elk and doe pronghorn, doe and eithersex deer tags only.  Not part of the draws that have some guys applying for years.  The other thing.  If there are less youth that apply for tags then what they have set aside the tags go back into the draw for the remaining applicants.  I agree that the extended seasons are not going to effect much.  I suspect the weekend hunting will see most of the added pressure.  The new laws have really helped my son and I out this season.  We archery hunt a OTC unit and rifle hunt the same unit for 1st season.  We decided to apply for a limited draw unit for my son for archery he then can purchase a second cow archery tag.  If he doesn't fill the limited draw tag he then can come back with me as I take my second tag for 1st rifle season.  It gives my son plenty of choices and oppertunities to harvest. The more we can create successful youth hunters the better we have a chance of saving our sport.   Its a fact that each year there are less and less hunters.   Just my 2 cents.... 

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Yep.  Overall the rules are

Yep.  Overall the rules are going to give youth much more opportunities to hunt with their unfilled tags.  This will be a big benefit to my family as well--and I intend to use that benefit to get the best tags for my kids.  

My original question was more about the potential effect on the draw stats and using those as a guide to determine not only my kid's odds of drawing the tag, but my chances as well.  If you look at the current data in depth for youth draws on the eligible rifle tags, there aren't many tags that are oversubscribed.  With the new rules, I would expect muzzle and archery cow elk tags to see significant increases in applications that wouldn't be predicted by the current stats since the youth who draw those tags essentially get a "season choice" tag and can hunt all of the rifle seasons, including late seasons, in the DAU with their unfilled tag.  SGM is probably right--there likely won't be too much effect because most won't think about it that much.  As far as hunting pressure, I'd also agree with you, I don't think this will increase at all for most areas.

Good luck on your draws!  Hope your son gets to stick one.

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