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New York Reminds Residents to be Careful During Hunting ...

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New York Reminds Residents to be Careful During Hunting Seasons

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New York Reminds Residents to be Careful During Hunting ...

My personal opinion on the trapping part is...I dont think Trapping on state lands should be allowed simply for one reason....Too many injuries to rabbit dogs. Its not fair that they can put out a device that is designed to trap an animal of the same general size as a Beagle Hound on State public property...Its unsafe for the hounds which GREATLY outnumber the trappers using state lands...And you cant leash up a dang rabbit dog, so if you plan on rabbit hunting you cant go on state lands...Not if you care about your dogs which I do....Would kinna suck to lose an animal to a damn trap. I saw where they ADVISE people to use "anti dog" traps but if it will catch a coon it will certainly pop a Beagle Hound so thats usless....They are focusing on PETS not working dogs for thier advisory. Just my lil ole opinion on that.

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