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New Year's Eve Doe Down!!!!!

With the snow coming down like crazy, and myself and my bow covered with snow it was a great hunt. I arrived in the stand about 3:30. I saw my first deer at 4:30. A group of 3 were running down the hill behind me but they kept right on going. Time was ticking and I figured it was going to be another empty hunt. At 5:15 I saw some movement to my left. I cautiously glanced over and saw a doe coming towards me. She came upon me fairly quick so I didn't have a chance to draw on her until she got behind a tree out in front of me. As she turned broadside and put her head down behind a tree to eat some corn I knew it was time to let the arrow fly. I drew back and put my 20 yard pin on her, pressed the release and watched as the arrow crashed through her chest and stuck in the snow on the other side of her. She kicked up her back legs and took off like a bolt of lightning back the same way she came. What was really cool about this was as she ran past me I could actually see the blood spraying out both sides of her chest. The snow really gives you a different picture. About 40 yards out she did the old back flip and the rest is history. My first New Year's Eve deer!!!!!

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Congrats on an excellent

Congrats on an excellent hunt! The story and pics are great! Thanks for sharing them. That should be a great eating doe!

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Nice going man,

Nice going man, Congrats!


The season ended here yesterday. I ended up taking 3 spikes this year. Nothing special but a good first season here in NC...

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Congrats on your doe. Nice

Congrats on your doe. Nice story.

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