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New world record elk??????


Allow me to put a different prospective on this issue.

#1 High Fence is used thru out the world. i.e. Texas,S Africa,Spain, Florida, Michigan, Saskatchewan etc...all over the world!
#2 For some animals and countries some animals would be extinct without high fence.
#3 It is a different method of harvesting than you normally use. As purist you probably still use a stone or stick. Let us stick together. These harvestor/hunters are not claiming these were free-range animals.
#4 Yes, Boone & C nor Pope & Y allow these no free ranging entries.
#5 Safari Club International allows them only as the catagory "estate, non-free-ranging" totally seperate from free-range animals hunted with out fence
#6 In fighting contempt should not be so myopic. What about decoys, baiting, using hounds for rabbits, stick bow vs compound, rifle vs bow......
#7 Let these hunters have their category without the derisiveness.

I hope these people get my point and let me note that I do not eat at "Ruth Christs Steakhouse'"with Hannity, I eat at the dollar board at "Mc Donalds".

God Bless and Best,

Water Dragon

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New world record elk??????

The fact still is it was not free range it could not get away and it was only raised to be sold in a "hunt" if that is what you want to call it. I too am emmbaressed for that guy.

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New world record elk??????

what he paid dont care, his money do what he wants, BUT sombody posted earlier about the whole photo looks kinda off. That i see, the body of the animal looks just diffrent like it just a bit pregnant or somthing like that its hard to pinpoint. or like its a cross between an elk and a red stag from europe. I heck maybe the antler mass is throwing it all out of wack. Big smile

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