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New Wildgame predator bait pile

Hey guys, check out this new predator bait pile. It ressembles an accutial pile of meat. Its suppost to be concentrated to be enough meat for 3 bait piles. It sais it attracts coyotes, bear, foxes and bobcats. It sails from 10.99-15.99 a bag, but I think its worth it. Here is a couple of websites explaining what it is.
Explains exactly what it is-
Here is a few ratings of the product-

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How about that? A gut pile in

How about that? A gut pile in a bag! lol

I checked out the links and see that even though their link to that product has changed, Cabelas still carries it in stock. This post is a few years old, but it must be that there is a market for this product, or Cabelas would have stopped carrying it long ago.

 I have never hunted predators, but I'm thinking about trying it - especially since I won a predator call in a contest here a couple of months ago.  Thumbs up

Around here, I have heard of several guys who pick up road kill deer carcasses and take them to a spot on their own property to attract coyotes and then shoot them as they come to feed. I guess if a guy didn't want to mess with a deer carcass, he could just pony up the $15 to Cabelas and put out this gut pile in a bag and do the same thing! Pretty good idea!


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Dont waste your money.  Go to

Dont waste your money.  Go to a local deer processor and get a bag of deer scraps.  I do this during the season and it works quite well.

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