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New Wild Sheep vaccine tested.

The full article is here. but, I mentioned this in another thread, but I think it warrants its own space.


BOISE, Idaho (AP) Ð A Washington State University wildlife disease
researcher produced an experimental vaccine that appears to have protected
four bighorn sheep against deadly pneumonia. - is the first line of the article. but that says it all.

this pneumonia and resperatory ailments in sheep is the leading cause of the initial sheep herd devastation taking places in the early 1900's researchers think. so this is good news. my son may have a better chance of hunting sheep than i will!

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Positive First Step

Lets hope that continued testing & research leads to a real breakthrough.  The Rocky Mtn sheep population in the Rubies & E. Humboldts here in NV has been wiped out a couple of seasons ago by this & it'll be decades before we see huntable populations again.  While limited, we had excellent habitat & fantastic genetics.  A friend killed one the year before the die off & it scored around 196 B&C - & it wasn't the biggest that year either.

Figuring out a way to introduce a vaccine to wild sheep in it's wild habitat will be tough.  Can't help but think that treating the domestic animals & requiring disease free domestics on wild sheep ranges would be easier.  Can you imagine what would happen if you allowed brucellosis infected cattle on native range?  Of course, the transfer of disease from domestic to wild animals seems to be OK while the opposite will put you in prison.