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New Wild Boar Hunting Regulations for Pennsylvania

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New Wild Boar Hunting Regulations for Pennsylvania

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New Wild Boar Hunting Regulations for Pennsylvania

The regulation of wild boars in Pa has fallen into the lap of the PGC...it doesn't seem as though they want it. As they lack the funds and manpower to regulate shooting preserves.....and therein lies the real reason the courts were forced to rule on this issue. The animal lovers whom wish to stop "canned hunts" pushed the suit into the courts knowing full well the plight of the cash strapped PGC.
I for one am not a fan of canned hunts in general but less of a fan of the PETA types whom know how to use the court system to gain the upper hand in their quest to end all hunting.
Escaped hogs from preserves can an do raise havoc with the eco system. But many hunters are tired of low deer numbers in Pa and are welcoming the hogs and their prolific breeding capabilities to Pa because it adds another animal for them to hunt.
I feel as though the existance of hogs in Pa is going to go the route that coyotes went....welcomed at first only to be distained years later for their damage to the deer herd. But in the mean time I won't complain if a few delicious meat hogs should pass my deer stand during archery season.