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New to Western Oregon Hunting

Well I got the ol' goose egg on my usual tags out on the eastern side of the state, so it looks like I am going to try my hand at the Western General season tags for Deer and Elk.

I've also relocated from Central Oregon to Hillsboro for a new job back in April, so I get to learn a whole new area.

Given the fact I wont have much but weekends off I am looking for places I can get to relatively easily from where I live now. Maybe out past Forest Grove, or even out Seaside way as my inlaws live out that way.

I'm accustomed to hunting blacktail as I have hunted the last 16 years in the Hood unit up behind Hood River. I am a backpowder hunter and would prefer to stay that way. So any areas you can suggest for that would be great.

However I am not opposed to breaking out my 30-06 or 300 Win Mag.

So where are some good area I can scout to find me Fred (blacktail buck) and Leroy (Bull Elk), on the general season tags.

Thanks in advance!

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I think you'll b happy

The Trask unit is a good one I hear but there are issues with the density of the forest and accessable public areas.  I am from the east side and do most hunting in santiam but was driving out in Tigard and saw two different trucks hauling game from what seemed like out of the city.  Not everyone likes the idea of hunting just out of town but it makes up for it everytime you drive home for a warm meal, I just hate setting up and cleaning up camp!  Sometimes I hunt after work and thats only possible with having my tags in the right "lcoation, location, and location".  I imagine it will be good elk season for you, I have seen so many beatiful heards on the way to the coast.  Some folks from the area should drop a line with some exact destinations to scout out,   Good luck