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new to WA state

i just recently moved up to wa state from NC and Im lookin to hunt whitetail or mule deer next year but i have no idea where to start nor do i know any areas around washington. I heard from people ive met that cherry valley near duvall or cle elum would be my best bet for deer. Is this true? anybody know some spots around these areas?

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Welcome to the forum!!!!

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Welcome to BGH.   Where do

Welcome to BGH.


Where do you live in Wash now? I won't be nmuch help never having hunted the state but there's a lot of guy's on here. If you live on the wet side, there are probably lotsw of blacktails around. Tuff to hunt them, really heavy cover. I hunted them many years ago in Oregon and the longer you hunt them, the better you are at finding them. I'd suggest you get a BLM map and find public land in the state., From there just start visiting the land. Start close and work out.

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Do you live on the east or west side of the mountains? Also what are you using to hunt with? Gun, bow, muzzle loader, knife?