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New VT Fish and Wildlife Commissioner

Pat Berry Appointed Vermont’s New Fish and Wildlife Commissioner.

Berry of Middlebury will likely be Vermont’s new fish and wildlife commissioner after confirmation in the Legislature. Berry will replace Wayne Laroche, who has held the position for eight years.

Rumor says that he was a fishing guide in Montana and is also a hunter.  Most recently, he led Vermont Law School’s fundraising efforts, reaching out to government agencies, congressional delegation and foundations. He has also worked Middlebury College and the Vermont Natural Resources Council.

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It will be interesting to see

It will be interesting to see what he does up there.

There are alot of different opinions on the status of Vermont wildlife, especially deer, and I am no exception.  I don't like the AR's that were instituted a few years back.

I wonder what he will try and tackle first.  The habitat issue irks some Vermonters too.

Also, Shawn haskell, one of the leading biologists for the Fish and Game there, and leading name in the press whHn dealing with Vermont issues, is leaving for a position in Maine.  There will be a few new faces up there. 

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He wont be there long enough

He wont be there long enough to do much,

 the new tree hugging Gov. who just put Vermont into the welfare roles by telling industries and the electricity suppliers to go get bent?

folsk in F&W say he promised the position to Kim Royar, the anti trapping anti hunting furbearer biologist who is a major supporter of the new Gov. but word in waterbury is that they knew she'd be flagged for obvious reasons, so they created a new position that will be like a Lt. Commissioner and as second in command she will be basically running the show, and then she will slide into the Commisioner spot without trouble.


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That sucks, but I don't think

That sucks, but I don't think she'd be able to change anything in Vermont in terms of hunting, at least not long term.  It would be political suicide for her and the Governor.

Heck, that's still a state where over 20% of the state hunts, probably 30-35% fishes, and those that don't, the majority have a family member that does.  They enjoy the meat that they get.

The trapping industry may take a hit, but I haven't heard of many people at all trapping in the last 20 years since the price of pelts fell through the floor.

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