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New video up....

Heres my newest video. I just finished it last night...







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That was a very well done video.

I thought you said you weren't a professional? If you're not you should consider becoming one. I saw a lot of quality in your video and really liked watching the hog hunt as I am planning one for next year in Texas and found it, even if your hunter was in Florida, educational. Thank you for taking the time to post this and to video the hunt.

Give Shannon a High Five for me and I'm sure many of us here consider it a "job well done". For me that goes for both of you.



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Holy smokes!!! Great video. 

Holy smokes!!! Great video.  We do allot of hog hunting with dogs in NW Florida.  Our videos are crap compared to yours.  Yours looks more like something made for television.  Thanks for sharing.

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Biker, I think he is actually

Biker, I think he is actually a professional.  Don't see too many amatuer videos like that.  Great video, very well done!  Thanks for posting, gets me excited for my hog hunt in a couple of months!