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New trend or mood swings?

As most of you probably know we had a small conservative victory in the recent off year elections. Do you think this is an indicator people are loosing confidence in our Democrat leadership or is this a minor hiccup for Obama?

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New trend or mood swings?

It's the beginning of an increasing trend. When times are tough and people are struggling to get ahead, they don't want government getting in the way.

I'm on a business trip right now, and yesterday I flew through Washington Dulles airport. I walked past an "Americana" store that sold all kinds of America/Washington D.C. stuff. The front of the store was full of racks of anti-Obama T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, coffee mugs, etc, spilling into the walkway and selling like hotcakes. The pro-Obama section was only a couple shelves inside the store, where the goods were gathering dust.

That store sees a whole lot of people every day, representing a pretty broad cross section of the country. If that's an indicator, Obama's in trouble.

Another interesting aspect of all this is the Democrat reaction. If you study the Democrat reaction to the rising tide of conservatism from a historical perspective, it mirrors almost exactly the British reaction to growing American rage in the 10-15 years prior to the Declaration of Independence. Like the Democrats, the British refused to address the issues and simply sniffed and waved away criticisms with an air of snobbish elitism. Like the British, the Dems are in serious danger of underestimating the movement and even feeding it by their refusal to address the concerns behind it.

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New trend or mood swings?

I am positive it is a trend.
However it is my hope that folks don't start voting based on the D or R at the end of a candidates name but instead vote based on WHAT the candidate stands for or represents your point of view on the issues.

Everything anyone has heard out of DC since Obama took office has had the look of an increase in an individuals expenses whether it be Cap and Trade or HealthCare reform.
The last thing an unemployed person wants to hear about is the Government trying to add another bill to pay while you are out of work.

expats observations at Dulles is interesting.

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New trend or mood swings?

I think this is much more than a minor hiccup for Obama. Why do you think he campaigned so hard, especially in New Jersey? I wish it would have been a sweep and the house seat in New York hadn't gone to a dem.

Yup, that is surprising about Washington Dulles airport. Must be more unhappiness out there than we realize.

Just today I saw a police officer's computer in his car and on the back he had a large bumper sticker that said "Is this the change you were hoping for?" This was in Hawaii - not in my corner of Colorado! lol In fact I'm hearing a lot more anti-Obama remarks here than I had expected.

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New trend or mood swings?

Being here in NJ . I think its things turning around . The Obama admin. can spin it anyway they want but Obama was here for Corzine 3 times , Bill Clinton 2 times , and Biden once. Acorn out of Philly moved a bunch of voters to camden a month before the election and had them establish residence in Camden . Camdens mail in ballots were 3 times what they were during lasts years presidential election. To top it all off Corzine had 3 to every dollar Christie had for his campaign . And NJ the bluest , most liberal state voted in a Republican. As for the Dor R thing rest assured what happened in ny was still a victory for the conservative movement because the liberal republican bailed out of the election and and a no name third party conservative was barely beat.

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