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Is the New Tree Lounge as good as I've been hearing?

I've got a Tree-Lounge that I bought in 1993. I love it! A friend of mine just purchased a new Tree-Lounge and said I would not believe how many changes they have made and how much better the new model is.
Does anybody else have the new model Tree-Lounge that can give me some more feed back on it.

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Is the New Tree Lounge as good as I've been hearing?

I used to hunt from one, but I found it very bulky to carry in thick stuff and not that adaptable when climbing trees with quick transitions of diameter.

I will say it was the most comfortable stand I have ever hunted in!

I generally set mine up on the lease in a good area and left it on a tree I wanted hunt numerous times in the season.

I move a lot now and have gone to the Lone Wolf as it is really adjustable on the fly, light, and compact.

I use TSC lockons for placement in areas that I plan to make short hunts in.

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