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New Toy for Elk

Getting ready for the upcoming season for elk in unit 15, I decided that I wanted a new ML. Picked up a Encore frame last spring, found a 50 cal barrel at the gun store, pulled a scope off an old rifle that I don’t shoot any more (it still has iron sights) put everything together Thursday night. Went to the range on Saturday, got it on paper at 50 yds, and heard a couple of comments “that’s an ugly rifle”. Moved out to 100yd line used 120gr of 777 loose, 200gr dead center bullet and a 209 primer. Still need to do a little work, couple more trips to the range with this “ugly” rifle and she will be dialed in. The Target was at 100 yd line.

TC 50 cal..JPG
TC 50 cal..JPG23.27 KB
Group 1.JPG
Group 1.JPG25.34 KB

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